A new home…

Thank you for visiting, it's so lovely seeing you! I have moved, and if you click on the link you will find me at magicmittens.com A magical IT-fairy has helped me move all the old content to my new home, and a lot of new stuff is under creation. So, come and see me!

A reminder to choose wisely

Dear friends, I share my latest blog post as a reminder to us all of the need to be mindful. What we choose to think and feel has consequences for us, but also for others. Let's be part of the solution! Take good care, Carin

A bit of lovin… Part 4

Is love rainbows and unicorns? At least my daughter thought so when she was five. This is the final part of my mini-series about love and yet I have only scratched the surface. This post offers a few experiments you can do, one explanation to why energy healing works, and bunch of questions - if you are up for an inner treasure hunt. Thank you for reading!

A bit of lovin… Part 3

In Part 3 of this Valentine's series about love, I talk about how to keep ourselves sacred, and how much freedom actually have to shift and reprogram our energy fields. I hope you will enjoy this post! Have a great day!

A bit of lovin… Part 2

Hi again, and welcome back to this Valentine's week! In part 2 of this little series, we will travel into the realm of energy; vibrations and freequencies. and we will take a look at how love fits into that equation. Enjoy!

A bit of lovin… Part 1

Love, love, love! We wouldn’t be so obsessed by love if it wasn’t extraordinary important. So here is the first post of three about Love. Happy Valemtine's day!

3: I Draw The Line Here, Capisce!?!

In this week’s blogpost I am making a predication about the future (ta-da!) and I will scratch a little bit on the topic of empathy and lack thereof.